Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Aliens are real

email 03 Feb 2015

Howdy! This week has been AWESOME. We've been able to teach a lot and find a lot of new people! 

I've realized the importance of planning out what we're going to do for the next day. Sometimes it's tedious to plan out every minute of every day. But yesterday I had an amazing experience. Sister Smith had a meeting in Ogden so I was with a split all day. We had an appointment that we were headed to when we saw this lady walking on the side of the road. We decided to give her a ride and it turned out she was a nonmember from England! We started chatting and casually talking about the valley and my mission and when she left she looked at me and said, "You come knock on my door anytime, sweetie!" I KNOW Heavenly Father placed her in our path. And it's all because He knew where we were going to be at that time. Sometimes rules or commandments don't make any sense to us. Or they seem to be too small to matter. But I know that as we are obedient to the little things, the big blessings will come. 

We were in a lesson this past week where we were teaching the plan of salvation and the member I brought to the lesson with me started testifying about aliens....what?!?! Hahaha I started cracking up!!! It was sooo bad. But you know how aliens freak me out! I couldn't help it! It was just bad because she was being 100% serious. We eventually got it back on track with the gospel. But it was so embarrassing and funny!

Yesterday we had testimony meeting at church. This 3-4year old little boy gets up there and says "I'm sure happy to see all of you here! I would like to end this.......bye bye." And runs off like Napoleon Dynamite hahaha it was hilarious. But then this lady gets up there and starts talking about how we can be someone's miracle. I loved that! It struck my heart and it made me want to be a better person. Every single person everyday is going through something and needs a miracle. As we are Christlike and as we act on the promptings of the spirit, we can be that miracle! What a blessing it is to be able to be instruments in God's hand everyday. 

Sister Smith also bore her testimony. Something she said was so profound and really touched me. She said "The atonement is not just a coping mechanism...it heals. It's real." When she said this I could feel the Spirit testify that what she said was true. I could feel the power in her voice. I know that it's true. Christ didn't suffer and die for us so we could just say we're forgiven and call it good. He died so we could be healed. He died so we could change and become more like Him. I'm going to try to use the atonement every day in my life and make it a changing experience. 

This week was really spiritually uplifting!!! Sister Smith has taught me so much and I love her to death! 

So much love from Huntsville!
Sister Sarlls

P.S. New found love.....Apple slices and almond butter. 

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