Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Faith, hope, and change!

email 17 Feb 2015


This coming Friday will be my 6 month mark!!! I can't believe it! It's gone by SOOO fast. And it's brought so many blessings into my life! 

Well, I am being transferred! I guess they figured 6 months in Huntsville was enough blessings for me haha. I'm off to serve in the Ben Lomond stake. It's right over the mountain from Huntsville and I'm in the same zone! Haha so I'm not too far away from where I was. My new companion is Sister Wharton! She's awesome!!! I've served around her for 4 months and now we're companions and I'm pumped! 

I'm not too sad about leaving Huntsville or leaving Sister Smith. One of the things I'll miss the most is working with the people at Valley Camp. I loved those guys over there! Since the person we were working with knew I was leaving, he got me my very own AA book!!! He wrote me a very sweet note in it and had all the guys at the camp highlight their favorite parts in the book. It means so much to me! I absolutely love the AA meetings and love all the people there. It's such an inspired program. And everything we teach is in line with the 12 step program. It's amazing to see all these people truly using the atonement of Jesus Christ and changing! I will treasure my friends there and my wonderful AA book forever. :) 

On Valentine's Day, Sister Smith and I went to go get pizza and we had a candlelight dinner with roses and everything haha and we called each other our "GAL-entines" hahaha get it?! We ended the night with snuggles and Sons of Provo. I love Sister Smith so much! She's seriously my very best friend. 

Today we got to go to the VERY TOP of a mountain with the Richardson's. (Our senior couple). It was absolutely gorgeous up there! We could see parts of Idaho and Nevada! It was also feeeeeezing! But it was super fun to ride all the way to the top and see the world! 


This past week Sister Smith and I gave a training on hope and faith. I love this topic! I came to the conclusion that hope is our desire for things to happen or to do something. But our faith is that desire put into action. I thought a lot about how Jesus Christ had hope and faith in his life. His desire to perform the atonement came from the hope that we would use it. But the actual act of the atonement came from his faith that we would use it. And in the same way, we need to use it. Our hope in the atonement causes us to know we are forgiven. But our faith in the atonement causes us to change into someone better. Into someone more like our savior Jesus Christ. 

I'm excited to see what Ben Lomond and Sister Wharton teach me this transfer! I love being a representative of Jesus Christ and I love teaching His gospel everyday! I wouldn't be doing anything else:) 

Signing off from Huntsville for the last time, 
Sisters Sniff & Snarls

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