Off to Ogden!


I have to admit,  when I saw I was going to Utah...I didn't know what to think. First of all, I have NEVER been to Utah. *GASP* Shocking, right? So as far as knowing where Ogden was...I had no clue. But everyone in my home ward knew exactly where it was! Not only that, But almost everyone i talked to had either lived there, had family living there, had lived an hour away, or had family living an hour away, etc... So after looking up pictures and facts about Ogden, I've concluded that it's the cutest city in the world! I'm a southern girl. Born and raised in Texas. So i'm going to miss the tex-mex, the barbecue, the bluebell, and the Cajun food my Mom's side of the family makes. But I'm making room from roast, potatoes, Jell-o, and casseroles! Being in Utah will definitely be a culture change... but I'm ready to give my life to The Lord and to put my life in His hands. I can't wait to see what amazing experiences Ogden holds for me! 

Ogden, Utah

Known as "The other Utah".


82,825 as of 2010

Average yearly Snowfall

65.3 inches

Fun Fact!

Over 45 films and TV shows have been shot in Ogden.

Dominant Religions 

83% LDS
8.5% Catholic
5.5% Protestant 
2.7% Other

Yes....Ogden has a Dinosaur Park!

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