Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Change requires movement...again.

email 25 August 2015

Howdy ho howdy hey! 
This past week went by crazy fast! I can't believe it's already Tuesday again. Well some interesting things are happening this week. So a sister is going home a couple weeks early to start school. And her companion is left companionless. And we're the trio so we're the ones that will fill in the holes. Welllllll it turns out that I'm the one leaving. But guess where they're putting me? OGDEN WEBER NORTH. Where I just came from!!! And guess who my companion is going to be? SISTER SMITH!!!!!!! How blessed am I to have both of my favorite companions twice! Sniff and Snarls are back! I'm a little sad to leave Sister Betzold and Sister Richins. I love my trio! But we'll be in the same zone still. So I get to hang out with all of my friends all of the days! 

We were tracting the other day and this little boy came to the door and he asked me why I was smiling like that. I didn't know I was smiling a certain way haha but he continued to tell me that the way I was smiling made me look like a billionaire hahah I don't know if I should take that as a compliment or not? It was so funny. Everyone thinks Sister Betzold and I are sisters. People will stop mid-sentence to tell us that we look like sisters haha we realized that it's because when we meet people we make the same face. We both smile with our mouths open and kinda cock our heads to the side haha kinda freaky. But it's so funny. I think we should both wear the same tag one day to trick people into us actually being sisters. 

Okay the musical fireside is going to be the death of me. Haha I was SO excited to be in charge of it. And I still am! It's just rather time consuming and VERY HARD. We want to do this song as a choir but we can't find sheet music for it. Not even a soloist version. So we've been sitting down and composing the sheet music for a choir version. And every time we do, a new problem shows up! The first rehearsal is this Friday and we don't have sheet music for it yet. We aren't sure if this keeps happening because Heavenly Father is telling us not to do that song, or satan is trying to stop us from doing that song. I know it'll all work out in the end because this is God's fireside! I just have to keep praying and praying and praying for guidance. 

I was reading Jacob 7 and when I came across verse 3 I imagined "He" as Satan and instead of Jacob, I plugged in my own name:
"And he labored diligently that he might lead away the hearts of the people, insomuch that he did lead away many hearts; and he knowing that I, Sister Sarlls, had faith in Christ who should come, he sought much opportunity that he might come unto me." Jacob 7:3
Honestly it's pretty creepy reading it that way. But the part that stood out to me the most was that he labored diligently. As missionaries we are always told to be diligent. We talk about it a lot. But now I understand why! Because Satan is diligent. So we need to be, also! And at the end it says he takes the opportunity. But we are the ones who give him the opportunity. When I read that verse I realized the importance of working hard and being diligent in everything that we do. 

My district leader gives the most amazing and inspired trainings ever. Usually they train on missionary things. Which I love! Don't get me wrong! But my district leader right now has been training us on things that we can apply in our mission and also take back to our life after the mission. This past week he did a training on "be slow to anger". And he shared a poem with us about "If I knew you and you knew me" it talked about how we would understand each other. We would all love each other and wouldn't have any arguments. And then he told us to apply that poem to ourselves and the Savior. Once we know him we are able to love more. We are able to love others more. It was an amazing training. And it's definitely something I can apply for my entire life and not just mish life! 
If I knew you and you knew me—
If both of us could clearly see,
And with an inner sight divine
The meaning of your heart and mine
I'm sure that we would differ less
And clasp our hands in friendliness:
Our thoughts would pleasantly agree,
If I knew you and you knew me.
 - from In a Merry Mood, by Nixon Waterman 

Well, as always, I'm loving it out here. Although the stress is high, I wouldn't want to be stressed about anything else! I love being involved in the musical fireside. And I'm excited to see how it turns out:)

Love ya bunches! 
Sister Sarlls

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Barry Manilow has got it right...Where does the time go?

email 18 August 2015

This week was amaaaaaazing. Wow. There were so many spiritual experiences. But first I'll start off with last p-day. We got to play four square and it's my new addiction!!! I love it so much! And it's the only sport that I'm not terrible at. I brought my sombrero so whoever the king was had to wear it. 

This last week we had the incredible opportunity to hear from an apostle of the Lord. It was one of the most spiritual experiences that I have had in my life. Elder Ballard spoke on several topics, but my favorite was his "doctrinal journey". He pretty much taught us the first discussion in a way that invited us to change. I don't really know how to explain it. Haha He spoke with simplicity, but it was very powerful. One of my favorite things that he said was to "Come to the feet of your best friend every Sunday." Meaning that we should use the atonement of Jesus Christ and change each week. I love that he called Him our best friend. I love my savior Jesus Christ. I love what He does for me. That I can go to the feet of him and drop all my sorrows, temptations, pains, worries, sins.....He takes them all. And makes me whole. Also president Jaggi asked me and Sister Betzold to organize a song for some sisters to sing for Elder Ballard. This was a week before and we were like "uhhhhhh what do we do??" So we prayed about the song and prayed about the sisters who should be in it. We had maybe 1 1/2 hours of practice. I KNOW that angels helped us sing that song on Saturday. Our voices were lifted. It was AMAZING. We sang "My Kindness Shall Not Depart From Thee" by Rob Gardner. It testified to me of Heavenly Father's unconditional love for ALL his children.

I heard a quote this week that I LOVE and I've been thinking a lot about. It says "Church is here to comfort the afflicted and to afflict the comfortable." Wow. I can testify STRONGLY of this quote Haha. We always need to be changing and growing. And there's no growth in a comfort zone. A lot of times I've tried to sit on the fence about things. Not completely wanting the change. But I don't want to be bad either. But Satan owns the fence, too. That's why when we look through the fence, it seems greener on the other side. But it's not. It never is. It's so important to get away from the fence. It's important to get far far away from it. And that's what church is for. :) It's there to help us be made whole. Whether that's by being comforted or being afflicted. Each tender mercy and each trial helps us towards our goal of being perfected in Christ. Allow yourself to comforted and afflicted this week :). 

This week Sister Richins and I were out visiting people and we had just gone to many houses that weren't interested. Sister Richins turns to me and asks me if we should visit someone else on that street. Usually we just go from point A to point B. Because it's not effective to tract. But this time we decided to pick a random house and try it. And the SAME thing happened in this contact as it did with Debbie that just got taught in West Weber. We were walking to the door, and after a day or rejection, I didn't have much hope for this one. But I recognized it and quickly repented and changed my mindset. We get there and this lady lets us right in! She's a member and her husband isn't. We were talking to her and getting to know her. And then we got on gospel topics. When we started to talk about Jesus Christ she started bawling. She told us that she needed us to come that day. That she needs the spirit back in her life. And guess what her name is? DEBBIE. It was amazing to see how similar yet how different these two women are. I think the part that's similar is that they were both prepared by Heavenly Father to receive our message. They both have different stories and different concerns. But the spirit was the same. The prompting was the same. And it's amazing the glow people have when they are truly ready. They're hearts are prepared and open to receive the gospel of Jesus Christ. We are now teaching Debbie and hoping that her husband will want to join in. Another interesting thing in common with the two Debbies is that I've only been prompted to promise a very specific blessing twice. And both have been with Debbies. Debbie #2 has some anxiety about big groups of people. So that's one of the reasons she doesn't go to church. And we promised her in the name of Jesus Christ that her anxiety will disappear as she reads the Book of Mormon. I know without a shadow of a doubt that this will happen. She has the faith to do it. And we do too. These are the precious experiences that I cherish. I'm not sure I'm worthy to have them. But Heavenly Father loves me enough to allow me to be part of His miracles. How grateful I am! 

Okay last thing.....I've been avoiding it. Tomorrow I reach my one year mark on my mission. It's definitely bitter sweet. I never want my mission to end! It's weird to be older in the mission now. I'm supposed to be the "experienced" one. Haha but I'm still over here trying to figure it out! It goes fast. But I still have 6 months of being a full-time servant of the Lord! I'm loving every second of it. I wouldn't want to be anywhere else in the world. :) 

Love ya lots! 
Sister Sarwos. (New one I got this week). 

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

If you wait too long to answer the door...

email 11 Aug 2015

I actually really love being in a trio!!! It's definitely super different when we teach. It's a tad weird switching off with each other while teaching. It's funny how Sister Betzold and I just picked up where we left off, it's fun being back together! And I'm grateful for Sister Richins who keeps us in line - she warns people about us. She tells them that if they don't come to the door fast enough, by the time they get there we will be hugging. Hahahaha, it's so true! I didn't realize it till she said that!

We called President Jaggi to ask him about something and while we were on the phone he asked us if we had been companions before.......we told him Yes. But he didn't know!!!! Haha Now we're both scared that I'll be moved because of it. But it's all by inspiration and will be okay! 

This last Saturday I was able to go to Cody's baptism. He's a 10 year old boy that Sister Betzold and I taught and Sister Magsayo and I also taught. It was an amazing day! He looked so happy and was so excited to be baptized:) He's the sharpest kid I've ever taught. He knows such profound things about the gospel. I know he's going to be such an example to EVERYONE around him. He's a great kid. 

Okay I had a CRAZY experience this past week that you only hear in movies and stuff! About 4 months ago, when I was companions with Sister Betzold, we went to eat lunch at Wendy's one day. When we were there I talked to the lady checking us out and she was having a hard time. I felt prompted to leave her a Book of Mormon. So I did and I wrote her a note in it and marked some of my favorite scriptures and left it on my table. Well this past week we ate at that same Wendy's and the same lady was at the cash register. I started talking to her again (she didn't remember me). And she told me that she found a Book of Mormon that touched her heart. She said she found the missionaries. And she is now BAPTIZED. I was like WOAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was an amazing experience to see fruits our labors. That doesn't always happen. But Heavenly Father was kind enough to allow me to see it. 

At district meeting last week we were asked to take 5 minutes to study our ministerial certificate. As I studied it, the part that stood out to me was where it said, "We invite all to heed her message". When I read that, I felt how much Jesus Christ trusts me with this responsibility to spread His gospel. We all are here to share the gospel. But each one of us has a specific message to share. We all have different experiences and different testimonies. And it meant a lot to me that they invite all to heed MY message. To listen to MY testimony and the things I know. It was very special. 

This has been an amazing week and I'm still figuring out the area. I just went from a stake with 5 wards, to two stakes with 13 wards. I haven't had this many wards since Huntsville! I forgot how hard it is! Especially since it's two stakes that aren't connected at all. It's rough. But it's an awesome stake! A lot of farmland......again. That's my specialty. Haha.

I love my companionship and my area so much!!! 

Love you all!!! 
Sister Sarlls
"The Elder's wrecked our car."

Tuesday, August 4, 2015


email 04 August 2015

WOW! I can't even tell you how emotional this week has been! All sorts, good bad, confused, clear, excited, scared... But first things first...transfers. Okay I am being transferred to Hooper!!! It's in the same zone just a little south of where I am now.  It's again, farmland. But you won't believe my companion. I am going to be there with SISTER BETZOLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'M SO EXCITED TO BE REUNITED WITH MY BEST FRIEND!!! I'm actually going to be in a trio with her and Sister Richins, whom she just trained. My area is being taken over by Elders. People aren't too excited about that but the Elders that are going there are seriously THE BEST. They're so Christlike. 

This past Sunday was the best day in the world. On Sister Magsayo's last day, we were able to have a baptism. This was the baptism of Debbie. This was the lady that we first found when I decided in my mind that they would let us in. The lady that I had the most spiritual lesson with. The lady that we fasted and prayed with that her Catholic parents would be supportive. This is the first person I've been able to see be baptized that I've found and taught everything to. She has SO much faith. She finally talked to her parents, who weren't the biggest fans of the LDS church. And because of our fasting and praying her parents were FULLY supportive and told her that they would be there at her baptism!!! There's a big community here of Catholic Italians and it's a small community here so everyone knows everybody. So when people heard that Debbie was getting baptized, they were all soooo excited and supportive! So Sunday morning at 8, Debbie was baptized by her husband who just came back from being less-active. And then at 11 in sacrament meeting, she was confirmed a member and received the gift of the Holy Ghost. It was so amazing and a truly spiritual experience. Afterwards her mom came up to us and told us how much she appreciated what we were doing and she gave us a big hug. I know she felt the so strong there.

In another testimony meeting, everyone was bearing their testimony about how Sister Magsayo has touched their lives. I have been so blessed with amazing companions. It was harder than I thought to say goodbye to her. But I know and have no doubt that she will come back here. We set up a gofundme account for her so she can earn some money to come back. If you would like to contribute anything, gofundme.com/genevivemagsayo is the link where you could do that. Anything would be much appreciated!!! 

This past week I read 2 Nephi 1:14, which says, "Awake! and arise from the dust." I realized that it tells us to arise from the DUST. Dust only settles on things that are not moving. Therefore not progressing. This is a call to pretty much get up off your butt and do things. Haha. And I'm ready to do that! I'm ready to arise from my dust. To put behind me the things that keep me from moving or progressing. 

Well I'm super excited for this next transfer with my best friend!!! 

Sister Sarlls