Tuesday, August 11, 2015

If you wait too long to answer the door...

email 11 Aug 2015

I actually really love being in a trio!!! It's definitely super different when we teach. It's a tad weird switching off with each other while teaching. It's funny how Sister Betzold and I just picked up where we left off, it's fun being back together! And I'm grateful for Sister Richins who keeps us in line - she warns people about us. She tells them that if they don't come to the door fast enough, by the time they get there we will be hugging. Hahahaha, it's so true! I didn't realize it till she said that!

We called President Jaggi to ask him about something and while we were on the phone he asked us if we had been companions before.......we told him Yes. But he didn't know!!!! Haha Now we're both scared that I'll be moved because of it. But it's all by inspiration and will be okay! 

This last Saturday I was able to go to Cody's baptism. He's a 10 year old boy that Sister Betzold and I taught and Sister Magsayo and I also taught. It was an amazing day! He looked so happy and was so excited to be baptized:) He's the sharpest kid I've ever taught. He knows such profound things about the gospel. I know he's going to be such an example to EVERYONE around him. He's a great kid. 

Okay I had a CRAZY experience this past week that you only hear in movies and stuff! About 4 months ago, when I was companions with Sister Betzold, we went to eat lunch at Wendy's one day. When we were there I talked to the lady checking us out and she was having a hard time. I felt prompted to leave her a Book of Mormon. So I did and I wrote her a note in it and marked some of my favorite scriptures and left it on my table. Well this past week we ate at that same Wendy's and the same lady was at the cash register. I started talking to her again (she didn't remember me). And she told me that she found a Book of Mormon that touched her heart. She said she found the missionaries. And she is now BAPTIZED. I was like WOAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was an amazing experience to see fruits our labors. That doesn't always happen. But Heavenly Father was kind enough to allow me to see it. 

At district meeting last week we were asked to take 5 minutes to study our ministerial certificate. As I studied it, the part that stood out to me was where it said, "We invite all to heed her message". When I read that, I felt how much Jesus Christ trusts me with this responsibility to spread His gospel. We all are here to share the gospel. But each one of us has a specific message to share. We all have different experiences and different testimonies. And it meant a lot to me that they invite all to heed MY message. To listen to MY testimony and the things I know. It was very special. 

This has been an amazing week and I'm still figuring out the area. I just went from a stake with 5 wards, to two stakes with 13 wards. I haven't had this many wards since Huntsville! I forgot how hard it is! Especially since it's two stakes that aren't connected at all. It's rough. But it's an awesome stake! A lot of farmland......again. That's my specialty. Haha.

I love my companionship and my area so much!!! 

Love you all!!! 
Sister Sarlls
"The Elder's wrecked our car."

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