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email 04 August 2015

WOW! I can't even tell you how emotional this week has been! All sorts, good bad, confused, clear, excited, scared... But first things first...transfers. Okay I am being transferred to Hooper!!! It's in the same zone just a little south of where I am now.  It's again, farmland. But you won't believe my companion. I am going to be there with SISTER BETZOLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'M SO EXCITED TO BE REUNITED WITH MY BEST FRIEND!!! I'm actually going to be in a trio with her and Sister Richins, whom she just trained. My area is being taken over by Elders. People aren't too excited about that but the Elders that are going there are seriously THE BEST. They're so Christlike. 

This past Sunday was the best day in the world. On Sister Magsayo's last day, we were able to have a baptism. This was the baptism of Debbie. This was the lady that we first found when I decided in my mind that they would let us in. The lady that I had the most spiritual lesson with. The lady that we fasted and prayed with that her Catholic parents would be supportive. This is the first person I've been able to see be baptized that I've found and taught everything to. She has SO much faith. She finally talked to her parents, who weren't the biggest fans of the LDS church. And because of our fasting and praying her parents were FULLY supportive and told her that they would be there at her baptism!!! There's a big community here of Catholic Italians and it's a small community here so everyone knows everybody. So when people heard that Debbie was getting baptized, they were all soooo excited and supportive! So Sunday morning at 8, Debbie was baptized by her husband who just came back from being less-active. And then at 11 in sacrament meeting, she was confirmed a member and received the gift of the Holy Ghost. It was so amazing and a truly spiritual experience. Afterwards her mom came up to us and told us how much she appreciated what we were doing and she gave us a big hug. I know she felt the so strong there.

In another testimony meeting, everyone was bearing their testimony about how Sister Magsayo has touched their lives. I have been so blessed with amazing companions. It was harder than I thought to say goodbye to her. But I know and have no doubt that she will come back here. We set up a gofundme account for her so she can earn some money to come back. If you would like to contribute anything, gofundme.com/genevivemagsayo is the link where you could do that. Anything would be much appreciated!!! 

This past week I read 2 Nephi 1:14, which says, "Awake! and arise from the dust." I realized that it tells us to arise from the DUST. Dust only settles on things that are not moving. Therefore not progressing. This is a call to pretty much get up off your butt and do things. Haha. And I'm ready to do that! I'm ready to arise from my dust. To put behind me the things that keep me from moving or progressing. 

Well I'm super excited for this next transfer with my best friend!!! 

Sister Sarlls

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