Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Utah is cold and snow is wet.

email 18 November 2014


I look every morning outside for snow and on Thursday IT WAS THERE!!! I ran out there in my pj's and socks! But snow is cold. And wet. So I ran back in. But I was very very very excited:)

Utah is very cold! It was 2 degrees outside this morning! Yikes! I didn't realize how cold skirts were. And how cold Houston winter clothes are. So after I send this email, I will be buying some winter clothes:) the snow is super cold and it's like powdered sugar. I have slipped countless times. But I haven't fallen yet! 

This past week, 2 of our investigators dropped us:( it makes us so sad. They think they have to have all of their ducks in a row in their life before they can think about going to church or meeting with us. But going to church and meeting with us can only help! Their lives would be blessed and miracles would happen. I know they would. It just makes us sad because we loved them so much. But they have their agency. And maybe the right time for them wasn't while I was here. 

On a brighter note, our first week here, Whitney (15 year old) was baptized. This past Saturday we went with her to do baptisms for the dead in the temple for the first time. It was so amazing! The Ogden temple is new so we were all a little confused on how to do everything and where to go haha but it was still a great experience. She was glowing the whole time! 

Transfers are a week from today. And my mission president likes to move people around a lot. So honestly I'm probably going to be the one to be moved and Sister Hadden will stay here. I'm already sad about it and I don't even know if that's what's happening yet haha. This next transfer includes Thanksgiving AND Christmas!!! I should have taken pictures of Huntsville in the snow. It's so magical and looks like the old movies! We'll see what happens about transfers. I know my mission president is inspired so if I need to move, I need to move. 

We've been super busy lately. Which is good! It keeps my mind off of transfers haha they've asked us to sing in stake conference this upcoming week. So we're trying to figure out a song to sing for that. 

Anyways, I'm doing swell! I'm working hard and learning and growing everyday. 

Love ya!

Sister Sarlls 


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