Tuesday, November 11, 2014

My first AA meeting

email 11 November 2014
Hello hello family and friends! 

I check every single morning for snow outside. There's still no snow. Yesterday we had some little flurries! But they didn't stay on the ground. If you're feeding the missionaries, don't give them lasagna. Maybe they don't get a lot of it there. But we get it about 3 times a week here. Haha it's kinda crazy. 

So this week I went to my first AA meeting! I think I told you a little bit about the Valley Camp. It's just a camp that all these people sign themselves into to help them overcome their addictions. We're teaching two guys there. Their names are Greg and Austin. They're the best! They're both members. One was baptized at 8 and the other was a convert when he was 12. So we're teaching them the lessons to help them reach their goals. The AA meeting was super fun haha it's like a different version of a testimony meeting. They focus on their "higher power" whatever that may be and how it's helping them. All of these people are so humble and are all ready to change. I loved hearing what everyone is going through and how Heavenly Father is helping them and how they are submitting their will to His. We're hoping to get more and more people at our lessons over there. We love it though! Greg and Austin come to church and someone gave them suits to wear and they looked so good yesterday! It makes my heart smile to see them progressing more and more every day. I love those guys. 

We're working with this couple. They. Are. So. Cute. The wife has been active for about a year after 30 years or inactivity and the husband has never been active. What I love about them is that they're working on it together as a couple. So he came to church for the first time since he was 8! (They're probably in their 60's). The wife always cries when she says prayers and it's so cute. And we challenged them to have companionship prayer every night. And they've been doing it! We just love them so much. In our lesson yesterday, the husband gave the prayer and he was so nervous. It was the most beautiful prayer I've ever heard. And of course the wife was crying the whole time so I started crying. After the prayer he goes "now how am I supposed to pray with you blubbering over there?!" Hahaha he's one of those old guys that likes to tease. They also make my heart smile. You can just see that they are equal partners in their relationship. Even though she's been active for a year, she's right there with him learning and each commitment we extend, they both do it. It's awesome. 

So we went to this lesson last week and we brought along a member with us. The lesson was going swell and the member we brought said "my husband does this and this..." And the guy we were teaching going "you're married? Well that sucks! I was going to hit on you!" SO AWKWARD. hahaha and it didn't stop there! The whole time during the lesson he would just randomly say "does your husband tell you you're pretty every day?" And "you should come out boating with me!" We got back in the car and just started cracking up hahaha pretty sure her husband isn't going to let her come out with us anymore haha 

We've joined this work out class held at the stake center. It's so much fun! Haha it's like a work out video and it's all cute old lady's. You'd be surprised at how active these ladies are! Wow. And on Saturdays at the library they hold a Zumba class! So excited to do it! So those are our new ideas on how to find people to teach. 

So we only have 2 weeks of this transfer left. It went by fast! I'm praying I stay here another transfer. Then I'll get to have Thanksgiving and Christmas in Huntsville:) which will be magical. Sister Hadden is a smarty. She always is very logical about how we should go about doing things and what would be most efficient. She has a very organized brain. She's a great teacher though. She's really lights up when she teaches people. It's interesting to see our different strengths when we teach together. And how each lesson goes differently. She's been a great companion and we've had fun singing together:) 

Well I guess that's all for this week. It's been going great and Huntsville is still amazing. 

Love you all! 

Love, Sister Sarlls 

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