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Howdy howdy!!! 

So I looooooove my new area and new companion, Sister Betzold! It's a homey feeling like Huntsville was. A lot of farmland. Sometimes it smells AWFUL here because of all the animals haha but I love it all the same! My new companion is Sister Betzold from St. Louis Missouri. She's sooooo musical! She plays the ukulele, piano, mandolin, and violin. And she sings beautifully!!! We have so much fun together and can't stop cracking up about random things haha. 

We got Siri on our iPads and we have WAY too much fun with it!!! Haha I'll attach some funny responses. 

We were passing by this cow one day and the little baby cows were leaping on each other and playing and it was SO CUTE!!! So I was like "the leaping cow! Hey that could be the name of a restaurant!" But Sister Betzold thought I said rest home instead of restaurant hahaha we were cracking up imagining a rest home named "the leaping cow" hahaha 

We were at dinner one night with this older couple and the lady welcomed us in and I noticed something on her face. It was a bright green gob of something. So I told her she had a little something on her face. Well.....it turns out it was a bright green MOLE. SO EMBARRASSING!!!!! I wanted to just go hide in a hole I was soooo embarrassed! I don't know how many times I said I was sorry! It was AWFUL! 

Well the musical fireside is coming up and Sniff and Snarls are back together singing "Blessed Redeemer" by Casting Crowns. I'm super excited! I'm also involved in a small mixed choir. It's 12 people, 2 on each part.  (and they're all good!) And we're singing a song called Baba Yetu. It's "The Lords Prayer" in Swahili!!! ITS AWESOME!!! It's so powerful and exciting and we have drums and shakers! I'm sooooo excited! I've missed all my choir music! Especially being in a small group!

Casting Crown Blessed Redeemer
(hoping someone sends a recording of a Sniff and Snarls performance) 

This past Friday I was reunited with another companion, Sister Hadden!!! This is her last transfer and I cried thinking about her leaving! But we got the special gift of being able to go through the temple for the first time with someone we worked with in Huntsville. It was so amazing! The best part about missions is seeing people change. I've seen this beautiful daughter of God completely blossom. It was amazing looking back at when we first met with her, to now when she was going through the temple to make a sacred covenant with God. We were all crying with joy! It was a beautiful day to see my dear friend become who Heavenly Father always knew she could be.

General Conference (watch/listen/read online at the link - Ed) was AWESOME!!!!!! I wasn't able to go to the conference center but I did watch it on tv! I loved the emphasis on families! So many talks about parenting and families and loving one another! It just shows me really how important families are. They are the object of the whole plan! I've been starting to memorize The Family: A Proclamation To The World. As I've been studying it, it's been a cool experience realizing what my divine roles are in Heavenly Fathers plan. And it makes me appreciate the roles others have! So thank you Mom and Dad for magnifying your calling as a mother, father, nurturer, provider, and more. You mean everything to me and I'm so grateful for your love and guidance! 

I have come to love Easter more and more. I'm so grateful that my Redeemer lives. I'm grateful for His loving sacrifice for every single one of us. I'm grateful that I am able to change and become better because of the atonement. I know without a doubt that He lives. He loves. He heals. 

I'm doing great and I love where I am:) I have a good chance of being in the Ogden mission if I stay here till July! But I could still move to Logan, we shall see:) 

With all my Easter love, 
Sister Sarlls 
Yet another way to spell our name - Ed.

For those not familiar with the ELIZA reference, she was an early natural language processing computer program developed in the 60's at MIT. She is named after Eliza Doolittle from Pygmalion / My Fair Lady. - Ed.

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