Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Fainting, Falling, Slipping, and Sliding

email 16 June 2015


I told you miracles were coming and GUESS WHAT? They came! This week has been awesome and so exhausting! I've had a lot of spiritual insights and I just want to tell the world about them! So I guess this is a start. :) 

First I want to start with the fun moments of this week! Well something ALWAYS happens right after I send my email. We went to a lesson and they weren't answering the door so we went to the back (it's not creepy here) and they were tending their farm animals. They have the CUTEST baby goats I've ever seen in my life!!! They're so little and fuzzy. And then they said "wanna see something cool?" Uhhh sure. So they proceed to yell at them and THE GOATS JUST FALL OVER!!! Just like that! They get scared and fall over! It was cracking me up!!! 

Then the next day we went to district meeting and if we back out, our companions have to stand outside the car and back me. And I hated doing it so I just park sideways even if it takes up 3 spots because no ones using it. It's called missionary parking. Anyways, apparently that was one of the Elders' spots. So they got me back pretty good...you'll see in the picture.

Sister Magsayo and I have been trying to write random songs about random things on the spot. I wrote one about my bouncy ball with the 5 chords I know on the guitar. It's not half bad!

Our landlords came back from their vacation and brought us these hilarious hats!!! Mine is a moose and sister magsayo has a raccoon. It's funny because we actually look like the hats we got. 

Today's p-day was SO much fun!!! We woke up at 5 to go on a hike in South Ogden and it was GORGEOUS!!! It felt amazing outside and there was a river all the way down the trail and we got to climb rocks and it was just the best adventure ever! Along the way we found these spiders they have in the Philippines that are called fighting spiders. They don't bite humans at all but if you put them together then they bite each other and fight to the death!!! It's so interesting but really cool to watch....from afar. I fell on a lot of the rocks in the river because they're wet. And can I just say my zone has the most Christlike Elders in the world? They helped all of us across and a lot of Elders would feel awkward since we're sisters but I'm so glad that they saw an opportunity to help us and took it! Later today we had a slip n' slide! That was even MORE fun!!! We bought a tarp and put it from the top of a hill to the bottom and put soap on it and sprayed a hose and sliiiiiiiid on down. Boy, was it fun!!! 


I saw this painting the other day that I absolutely love. It's a painting of Christ's feet in water. And the title of the painting is "Come Follow Me". The cool part about this painting is that it could be two different things. It could be when Christ is walking on the water and He's telling Peter to come and follow Him out on the water. Or it could be Christ walking into the waters of baptism and we're supposed to follow His example of being baptized. I've been studying a lot about how one of Christ's names is the Living Water. There's a lot of interaction between Christ and water. And it's cool to think about how Christ is water. When we are baptized we literally take Him upon ourselves. When we take the sacrament. We are internalizing Christ and His loving sacrifice. Even when you think of how humans are made of 80% water. I don't think that's a coincidence. I think Heavenly Father made us in such a way that we can see physically, as well as spiritually, that we are all born with the light of Christ within us. 

I've been looking at all these families around me lately. And I've been seeing a connection to our homes and the creation of the earth. When people first get married there's a lot of matter unorganized. There's wedding presents, stuff from college, all your stuff from your old room. And you have to figure out a way to organize both of your things and create your "world". Then you bring people into your world! They grow up in the home and have good and bad experiences. But the most important part, is to make sure our "world" has Jesus Christ as our savior. This is the most important part of Heavenly Father's plan for us. So that we may be able to change. That we may be able to become better. We need to make sure that He is the center of our plan of happiness in our own little "world" as well. 

I know this letter is super late. But I'm kind of glad because tonight we had ANOTHER MIRACLE!!! Last week we found 2 solid investigators and tonight we found 1! I'm so grateful that Heavenly Father is patient with me. I think he counts on my stubborn though. He knows I'm going to be stubborn about some things so He plans around it. The work is really picking up here and it's exciting to see people who have truly been prepared by God to hear and accept the gospel of Jesus Christ! There's nothing happier in this world! 

There's going to be a lot of pictures! Love ya lots! 
-Sister Sarlls

Bonus: Video of Sisters Sarlls, Smith, and Betzold singing at the farewell to President and Sister Hiers. Harmony arrangement by Sister Sarlls!


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