Tuesday, December 9, 2014

It's a Christmas Miracle!!!

email 09 Dec 2014
SO many miracles this week! 

Sister Hadden and I have discovered that every time we go on exchanges, miracles happen in our area. So here we go...

Christmas Miracle #1 We have been PRAYING and PRAYING to find more people and *TA-DA* we found the physical area-book! (not our ipad ones) There were SO many names on there we've never heard of that the missionaries worked with a while back! 

Christmas Miracle #2 We were at a gas station getting some motivational Dr. Pepper and we struck up a conversation with the girl checking us out and asked her if we could come over and share a Christmas video with her. And guess what? SHE SAID YES! And she's from the Houston area and says y'all! 

Christmas Miracle #3 We are singing the Pentatonix version of Mary Did You Know and it doesn't sound completely awful! 

Christmas Miracle #4 We went to a Christmas party and saw one of the people we visited and haven't been able to get a hold of since! We sat by her and set up a next appointment!:)

Christmas Miracle #5 We sang What Child is This in a Relief Society meeting and didn't hear the piano part or practice singing our harmony before hand...and it was beautiful. 

Christmas Miracle #6 We challenged someone who had been excommunicated to work towards baptism and they said YES! 

Christmas Miracle #7 One of the 9 year old boys we're working with is getting baptized on Christmas! Talk about a "White Christmas"! (get it? baptism clothes are white...)

It's been a grand week! If you haven't seen the "He is the Gift" video, PLEASE watch it and #sharethegift!
[After watching, go to http://Christmas.mormon.org
Ed Sarlls.]

Merry 16 Days Til Christmas!!!

Sister Sarlls

P.S. Some Elders decided to write a Utah Ogden mission rap and create a music video also...have fun! http://vimeo.com/54869650

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