Tuesday, October 14, 2014


Email 14 October 2014
Hey hey hey! Today was transfers and I'M SAFE IN HUNTSVILLE!

Yes, you read it right! We found the Ukrainians! After 6 long weeks, we found them! The mom has a huge accent and the dad is American. They are both beautiful. The daughter wasn't there so we went to go find her at the library. We met her there and she seemed kinda hesitant/freaked out. But we talked to her and I showed her on the computer a picture of a shaved bear which made her laugh so now she's cool with us. So if you ever want someone to open up to you, a picture of a shaved bear is the trick.

So we got a referral for twin teenage boys and we went to their house twice at night to try and meet them but each time their house was BLACK. so we knocked but of course no one came to the door. And then this huge black horse started running up ... [The rest of this is missing from the email.]

There was a youth standards fireside that night and it was almost over so we were deciding on whether or not to go. But there was going to be hot chocolate so we went. So we saw the last 5 minutes of it. But we talked to people afterwards and we got 2 new investigators! Both of them were youth that their friends brought to the fireside! So cool! We were meant to be there! I know that this sounds dumb. But I know that Heavenly Father gave me that craving for hot chocolate so that we would go there and meet those people!

That morning we sang in church! Sister Hadden and I sang "I'm trying to be like Jesus" and I harmonized and we sounded really good! And it was amazing because there were non-members there and they were crying and they said they could feel something when we sang. And it gave us an opportunity to testify that what they felt was the spirit! It was amazing.

So there's a recently returned missionary and he offered to give us some good missionary music. So we got our iPod back from him and we were going through the songs and they are all awesome! Then this one song comes on and I'm thinking to myself "I think I know this one....." It turns out to be Dust In the Wind by Kansas! WHAT?! Hahaha It was kind of hilarious. I guess there are all those scriptures about "dust of the earth". So maybe the song isn't TOO apostate haha

We always walk into our kitchen to plan when we get home. And last night we walked in and there's this HUGE piece of cake sitting there! Like the size of my head. It was HUGE. We are given so much food. Almost everyday someone gives us food to take home.

We were looking for this old man's house and it was like up in the mountains and really sketchy. And we get there and he has this house with a tiny door that's all metal with metal bolts in it. It looks like a creepy factory haha it's weird looking. But he wasn't there so I'm looking forward to talking to him about it.

Eden is praying about a baptismal date right now:) she's so cute. None of our other investigators are coming along very much. We're really trying to get some of them clothes to wear to church. So that they feel comfortable coming to church.

We were watching a John Bytheway talk and he was saying how in Ephesians 6:14-17 all of the armor is defensive but the only offensive thing is the sword. And how in movies they always say "drop your weapon" and that's exactly what satan wants us to do. So we need to say close to the spirit and the word of God (scriptures) so that we are able to fight back against the adversary.

I've been studying a lot of the Christlike attributes. Right now I'm focusing on diligence. So if you have any thoughts on diligence or anything you've studied about it, email me:) I would love to hear!

I love you all and pray for you daily!??

Love ya bunches,
Sister Sarlls

We were able to do some service for an old man. We chopped up and stacked his wood. It was super fun but REALLY messy. Haha they also had a Scotty dog farm. So we got to play with all of the puppies:)


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