Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Week dos!!!

Sister Sarlls with President and Sister Hiers, leaders of the Utah Ogden Mission

email 2014-09-16
Hello hello family and friends!

So this past week was still a lot of meeting with ward mission leaders and seeing who we can find in their ward. There are 12 wards and it takes about 45 minutes to get from one side of the valley to the other. We kind of have to plan our days according to where people live. BUT some interesting things still took place...

So we were looking through our list of people in our area book and this name pops out to me. Svetlana and Anastasia Rollo. They're a mother and daughter from Ukraine. So we read that they were about to be baptized but they felt a lot of pressure from whoever was before us. So we looked up their address to go say hello and it said "Ogden Canyon". Huh?? We have a ton of people who live up in the mountains but not in the canyon! So we drove through the canyon at like 8:45 at night. We COULD NOT find this house! We used our GPS and it said we were there and we were in the middle of the highway with forest all around us. So we just went home and decided to look for it during the day. So the next day we met up with one of the ward mission leaders and he said they moved into his ward! YAY! So we go to find their new house......WE CANNOT FIND IT. Again it was like 8:45 at night and none of the roads have street lamps so it's super dark and it's freezing and super windy. So we see this house and think it's hers so we get out to go see. There's a wire gate around the house and we opened it and it made the creepiest creaking noise. I was freaking. Out. Then as we walk through the yard I saw this black figure moving and it looked liked those things on Harry Potter that suck out your soul. I WAS SO SCARED. It turned out to be a Christmas tree though. So we walk up to the porch and we're standing there knocking and waiting for someone to answer the door and then their swing set starts swinging and creaking!!!!! I just wanted to leave! So FINALLY we go back to the car and since Sister Hadden is the driver, I have to stay out and back her out of the driveway to she doesn't hit anything. My heart was racing so fast as I was standing out in the middle of this creepy road alone. Then as I'm standing out there alone, this bear comes out of nowhere!!! so I'm like running to the car and I get in there and sister Hadden is cracking up. Apparently it was just a ginormous dog. So back to finding Svetlana and Anastasia. So we go to the house next door and ask that family if they knew about them. Apparently they moved......again. SO we tracked down their house and we were sitting in front of it in the car and someone looked through the window and we freaked out and drive away. Haha so that was our adventure in trying to find the Ukraine family! We are still looking for them so I'll keep you posted.

So we have an investigator named Josh. He is sooooo ready. He has had some serious problems with alcohol and drug addictions and checked himself into this rehab camp in the valley. So we met him there. He told us how much he's changed and how much prayer helps him. He prays all the time and has so much faith in what prayer can do. He said that since he's been meeting with us and going to church and praying every morning and every night, he's been feeling so amazing. He said it's better than any drug or alcohol could make him feel. I wish I could quote to you more things he's said. He's really amazing. So he's getting baptized on the 27th!!! But sad news....he's 23 so the missionaries over all of the northern singles wards get to finish teaching him and get to have him baptized in their area. It's good for him to be fellowshipped into a singles ward. But we are going to miss teaching him.

So I've been getting a little sick. Just a cold. So we were in relief society on Sunday and I couldn't talk very much. So this lady leans over to me and she's like "take this oil. You just put a little drop on your hand and lick it off. It makes the stuffiness and sore throat go away. It doesn't taste bad either! It taste like wassail!" I was like oh yum okay it couldn't hurt! did NOT taste like wassail. It was like orange and cinnamon and old people. First my tongue was burning and then I swallowed and my throat was burning! I was sitting there in relief society hacking up this stuff and it was making my eyes water and making me drool. Finally I ran out to get some water. But it was SO BAD. my throat is still burned from it haha plus it was pretty embarrassing.

So we just met this lady named Bee. She is so cute! She's like 45 and from the Philippines. We went over to teach her and she was telling us how she prays every day and knows she has a purpose in life and she knows that God sent us to her. It was the best lesson we had had yet. We were really teaching by the spirit. So we're meeting with her again next week. She is just so cool.

A lot of families here have adopted kids! It's so cool. There was this one family who had 5 adopted kids. Their house was a wreck with toys everywhere and The dishes weren't done. But I felt the spirit more in that home than anywhere I have been so far. Their family is so loving. Only the mom was there but she is just amazing. So patient and she knows how to get her kids involved in spiritual conversations. All of the siblings love each other and are
all buddies. It reminded me of our home:) it's great to have a clean home but when you take the time to teach your children the gospel and how to love one another, your home is always lovely. It's so amazing.

ELDER HOLLAND CAME TO SPEAK TO US. I can't explain to you how powerful he is. Wow. His hair is a lot more grey in person. Since it was a missionary thing we aren't supposed to talk about what is said. But it was life changing. I will never view my mission the same ever again.

One thing that's been an amazing comfort to me has been my name tag. It says my name right there next to Jesus Christ's name. Sometimes I take a deep breath and just look at my name tag. It reminds me that He is always with me. And that this is His work. I know that He is sending angels down to help me. When I worry about my teaching abilities, I just remember that I'm just the messenger and that The Spirit it teaching them. People may forget what you say, they may forget what you do, but they will never forget the way you made them feel. And they will feel The Spirit as I teach the true gospel of Jesus matter how much I stumble.

I love you all so so much and I'm praying for you!

Hugs and kisses!
Sister Sarlls

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