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1st week in da field WUT UP OGDEN?!

email, 09 Sep 2014
HELLO HELLO! so much to tell y'all!!! so when we got to the field we met the mission president and his wife. THEY'RE AWESOME!
New Arrivals in the Utah Ogden Mission
we had to stay with some member families that night because the next day we met our companions and went to our areas. so i stayed with some old people with Sister Sudo. (canadian) it was like 10:30 and they came in and said "do you want some peaches and icecream?" hahaha we were like "no thanks!" and the next morning we woke up and outside our door was two bowls of peaches and icecream!!! hahaha we flushed it down the toilet because we didn't want any haha.
Sister Sarlls and Sister Hadden
So my companion's name is Sister Hadden. SHE SINGS YAY! there's a musical fireside coming up that we're singing at. she's super sweet. she's been out for 10 months! so the first four days of my mission we worked at the temple open house! which was AWESOME! so fun! and they took a video of me talking to people on my first day there and said they were going to use it for a church video about temples. GREAT! i probably look so confused. (because i was) but the Ogden Temple is GORGEOUS! and it has underground parking which is fancy. so i'm serving in a place called huntsville....what to say. We live on a dirt road with an old lady in her basement apartment (basements are so cool btw). huntsville is like in a mountain bowl. its a valley and allllllllll around you are mountains. it's beautiful. but pretty much everyone in the valley owns land and owns horses and sheep and goats. but our neighbors OWN BUFFALO AND TURKEYS!!!!! WHAT?!?! haha it's crazy!
it's a huge area and all the houses are spread out across the valley so we have a car. we are over a stake. 12 wards. and we are the only missionaries here. but everyone here is super missionary minded. It's an awesome place to live. it's hard getting around because when we ask for directions everyone says "around the east bush and then down to the Ferguson farm and a left at the sheep" and i'm like......."what?" haha it's fun though!!! Rachel would be in a dream down here! it's beautiful. and there's this GIANT lake that freezes and everyone skates on. SO COOL! Someone was talking about snow in the valley and they were like "we're expecting 8 this year" and i said "INCHES?!" and they said "no.......feet". so you could say i'm going to die here. haha i'm already freezing! 

so we are an ipad and facebook mission. but i have to get rid of all my pictures and all my statuses on facebook which is taking forever. so today we start teaching because we've been working at the temple and the elders who were here before us didn't leave us anything about who they were teaching. they just left us notes about food haha oh elders.... so we're meeting all the ward mission leaders and bishops and trying to find out what's going on. our first day here though we had 2 baptisms that we were thrown into. and one this Saturday. it's a little crazy haha they're amazing people though. this Saturday is a little 8 and 9 year old brother and sister. we were asking them the baptism questions yesterday and their understanding of the gospel is just incredible. especially the 8 year old Aurora. She just loves the church. you can already tell. Sunday was testimony meeting in church and a lot of little kids bore their testimony and it's AMAZING. all of the little kids know so much. the wards here are just so strong! so funny story....on our first day here me and Sister Hadden saw the buffalo next door and i joked with her and said "we're probably going to eat him for dinner tonight" and she didn't think it was funny and gave me a talk on God's creatures. BUT that night we had our first member meal and we ate BUFFALO TACOS! hahaha I'm sorry this letter isn't as spiritual. we haven't been teaching much so next week i'll have a lot of stuff to share:) ALSO they have a food storage isle at the grocery store haha it's awesome!!! And I'm sure you already saw on facebook...but me and my companion run in the morning and we were going along and she was ahead of me and all of a sudden a TURKEY flies out in front of me! I WAS FREAKING OUT! i ran back to the house and Sister Hadden came back and she was like "Hey i lost you back there! i couldn't find you!" and i was like "yeahhh......." haha anyways. Sister Froerer is the cutest old lady. Her house has three stories. She comes down and makes our beds and stuff haha she couldn't be cuter. sorry this is kinda a weird letter. I'm doing great! just still trying to find out what's going on here in Huntsville. I LOVE YOU ALL! You're in my prayers!

-Sister Sarlls


My mission president challenged us to memorize the definition of Christ in the bible dictionary. I've gotten the first paragraph down. It's a really cool and spiritual experience. If you want to do it too, that would be cool. :) My companion is really spiritual and amazing. I know she is going to teach me so much. I hope to be an amazing teacher like her when i'm out for 10 months. The Lord has been helping me so much. He lifts me daily and gives me the strength and the confidence to do so many things i would never be able to do. Example: i'm in charge of our cell phone and making all the phone calls. I am so grateful for the opportunity to be serving a mission. I know i am going to help so many people Come unto Christ and i can't wait for when we start teaching. I love all of you so much! i'm sorry these letters are super scattered this time. 

-Sister Sarlls XOXOXO

Bible Dictionary: Christ


Stinky Buffalo!

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