Tuesday, December 8, 2015

He is the Light of the World

08 Dec 2015

Hey yall! This week was great. A lot of ups and downs and in between. But first, TRANSFERS. So Sister West and I are staying together for her last 2 weeks! I'm sooooooo happy. I love Sister West to death (literally [meaning until the end of her mission - Ed]). We're the STL's (Sister Training Leaders) over the entire mission now. So we have unlimited miles on our car because we're having to drive all over, haha. It's going to be pretty crazy being in charge of the musical fireside AND being the only STL's in the mission. But I know it's what Heavenly Father has in store for me right now. Here's another fun fact, we're going to be in a trio! We're getting Sister Law. Sister Richins just finished training her and she's going to come with us and when Sister West goes home, she'll take her place and an STL. It's going to be a fun transfer. Plus this is the fireside, Christmas, and New Years transfer. There's a lot of fun things coming up!

One of our bishops owns a recording studio! Like a legit one. That's his job. So last P-day he invited Sister West and I to go record a song. IT WAS SO FUN. It was actually pretty hard though. It's a lot different singing live where you need to project everything. The microphone to record music picks up EVERYTHING. I lightly scratched my finger and they had to cut out the noise it made. WEIRD. But we should be getting the recording of our song pretty soon. :)

It's funny that my friend Allie Hansen sent me her weekly mission letter and named it "The Birds". Because I've had my own bird experiences this week. First off, birds are not my favorite. I'm quite scared of them. We were at a dinner and we were sharing our message at the end when a BIRD came and started flying around the room!!! SERIOUSLY. Who let's their pet bird roam free like that?! So then we went home and I was opening the door and out of the wreath on the door FLIES A BIRD. AHHHHH. It almost hit my face! But I got knocked to the ground because it startled me so much, haha. On Sunday we had dinner at the Jaggi's house and we were going downstairs to watch the Christmas devotional when I see a bird perched there waiting for me. Just waiting for the kill. Not really but it felt like it. Apparently the Jaggis have a bird that just flies free everywhere. All these unleashed birds are freaking me out. They're wild in Russia and they're wild in Utah.

WE GOT TO GO TO TEMPLE SQUARE AND SEE THE LIGHTS!!!!!!!!!!!! AHHHHHH! We got to take someone we're working with. Most magical experience of my life. We were able to sit in the tabernacle and listen to a choir perform some music. It was so peaceful to sit there and listen and to feel the spirit. Ahhh. I can't even describe how amazing it was. It was just all one bit magical and spiritual experience. It really confirmed to me that Jesus is the light of the world.

The musical fireside is going so good! The first practice was kind of a train wreck. But this last rehearsal was just a miracle. Everyone knew their part. The pianists knew their music. I can't exactly explain the miracle. But there's no way we could've done it alone. We've been keeping up online at christmas.mormon.org with free daily videos and the daily GIFs. And every single thing is perfectly lined up with our musical fireside. Even to the songs we chose and the scriptures we chose and the order we put them in. They're the same as the website online for Christmas. Heavenly Father has been more than gracious in letting us see His hand in the fireside. As I was praying to Him, I told him to have Mimi to sing with us. I have full confidence she will be there with us singing praise. :)

This last week on exchanges I got to go back to Hooper and see Debi #2. It was sooooo good to see her! She's grown so much. She's the one that we promised if she read the Book of Mormon that her anxiety would go away. Well while I was there I followed up with her on it. Since I've been gone she's been reading the Book of Mormon every day and she is now off all of her anxiety and depression medication. This moment I really felt the power we have as full time missionaries. As literal representatives of our literal Savior, Jesus Christ. Sometimes I feel like it'll be the same doing member missionary work. But when she told me her news, I realized what we had just done. We aided Jesus Christ in healing someone. That's only something that can be done by a man with the priesthood or as a full time missionary. How great is our calling!  Debi is now preparing to go through the temple on February 10th. Just 19 days before I go home. I'm so grateful Heavenly Father is allowing me to see this miracle take place.

Well there are a lot of Christmas miracles taking place. I'm excited for what these next 6 weeks will bring. I love you all!

- Sister Sarlls

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