Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Happy fourth!

email 07 July 2015

Hello family and friends! I'm starting my email early today so I can send it on time! 

Well last week I talked about our new mission president. We had a big meeting last Thursday where everyone got to meet him. It was crazy because our WHOLE MISSION could fit in a chapel with no overflow! It sure has shrunk a lot. But I love everyone who's in our mission:). They made an announcement that our whole mission will be taking a temple trip together once every quarter! I'M SO EXCITED!!! It's super different having a family attached to your mission president. They have set aside a P-Day for their family so they can all spend some time together. President Jaggi is just so jolly and he lights up the room wherever he goes. 

So on Fourth of July, guess what we did? That's right! We were in yet ANOTHER parade! This one was pretty fun because we were with all the family members of missionaries serving from the stake and we all got to carry a flag representing our state/country. They didn't have Texas so they gave me Chile. Besides, it almost looks the same. hahaha. After that we went to go do service and we sold tickets for one of the community Fourth of July parties. We hung out and played some games with some other missionaries and then we had to be in our house by 8:30. We were planning on watching fireworks from our balcony but it turned out our trees were in the way. So no fireworks this year but it's okay! It was still a very memorable Fourth of July on my mission:) 

We've been asked a lot lately what some miracles are that we've found in our days or weeks. It's actually been kind of hard. A lot of times we think of miracles as something huge. Like someone calling us on the phone begging to be baptized. But as we've been looking for these miracles, I've been able to realize them throughout the day. Little reminders that Heavenly Father cares about me. Even the little things. This past week we met a lady who is a catholic and she introduced us to the magic of DoTerra. She gave me lavender to put on the bottom of my feet before I go to bed and GUESS WHAT. I've slept so good since I've been doing that! Another is I was craving pumpkin chocolate chip cookies. Kind of weird because they aren't in season at all. But I love pumpkin at any time. We went to dinner and guess what they had?! PUMPKIN CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIES!!!!!!! It was amazing! Then we went out knocking doors and no one was interested but the three doors we knocked we had a really good contact with them. We were able to share our testimonies. We were able to teach them. We were able to invite them to act on what we have taught. And we were able to say a prayer with them all. Even though it didn't result in anyone wanting to meet with us, we were able to help these people feel the spirit and it was a miracle for us that we had some good door contacts. It really was a miracle. 

Something I learned in our leadership training is that kindness is wanting the best for someone, but love is pushing people to become better. It was interesting to think about. A lot of times growing up I thought my parents were "pushy" or "controlling". But really they loved me. If they were kind, they would have just told me what they think I should do. But because they love me, they continue to push me to be better. So I can reach my full potential. I'm here to show people Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ's love for them. They want us to keep progressing and to keep becoming better. There's no growth in a comfort zone. So it's time for all of us to feel a little push. A little love tap. And to grow! Allow ourselves to become who Heavenly Father needs us to be! Because we are here to be angels in people's lives, if we allow ourselves to do so. 

I'm still loving my mission! Every second of it! 
Love, Sister Sarlls 

[video gift to Sister Sarlls' baby niece, Madelyn! - Ed]

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