Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Obedience bring blessings. Exact obedience bring exhaustion......oh yeah and miracles.

email 26 May 2015

Wow this week has been EXHAUSSSSSSTING. In a good way! It means we're working hard:). We've been trying our hardest to be EXACTLY obedient. I'm loving it! It brings so much joy into my life and I feel so much more successful in my efforts. 

I always like to start off with my funny experiences of the week. So this week we were going to dinner and we park in the driveway. And as we are walking up to the door, we notice that there are Barbie shoes EVERYWHERE. hahaha soooo interesting. We never found out why there were so many assortments of Barbie shoes scattered all over their driveway. But it was so funny! 

Another one. We get to church on Sunday and there's a guy dressed in this coat with gold trim. We started talking to him a little bit and apparently he got church and comicon mixed up. Again, he got CHURCH and COMICON mixed up. Hahahaha it was soooo funny!!! I don't really understand how you could get the two mixed up. But it happens to the best of us. 

One more funny story. We were again, going to dinner. And we get to the door and realized that it's the wrong house. And my first thought was "RUN!!!" I have no clue why. So we started running away and then the guy came out of the house and it was soooo awkward. Hahahah. We had to explain to him that we had the wrong house for dinner and that we didn't know why we ran. So funny hahaha. 

I went on my first exchange as an STL [Sister Training Leader - Ed] :) it was so much fun!!! I love being able to get to know these sisters better and see how they do missionary work. I learned so much that I could apply in my own ministry! The sisters that I'm over are seriously SUPERSTAR missionaries. I don't know why I'm their STL. Haha but I'm loving it:) 

So Sister Magsayo has to do language study and we've been playing Apples to Apples haha. It's been so fun and it's been helping her a lot! It's just embarrassing when I don't know the words she asks me about. But usually while she studies English, I practice my singing which has been feeling SOOO good! And for exercises we've been jumping on our trampoline outside every morning. We've been finding a lot of fun ways to get work done! 

Sister Betzold wrote me a song that is SO HEARTWARMING! We still keep in touch even after being separated. So much love for that girl. 

We are teaching this guy named Zack. He's 18 and he gives the most sincere and amazing prayers ever!!! He's been at a rehab camp and he's getting ready to go home. And as he's waiting to go home to Indiana, we've been teaching him. He wants to be baptized....but not till he goes back home. It's kind of a bummer for me not being able to see him be baptized. But I know there are missionaries in Indiana that are probably fasting and praying to find someone prepared. And for miracles. And I know he's going to be a tender mercy in their lives. And who knows! Maybe his family is supposed to receive the gospel, too. 

We were in Sunday school when this little boy raises his hand and, totally unrelated to the lesson, says "I know what bible means!" So his teacher was like "uhh...okay? What does it mean?" And he said "Basic Information Before Leaving Earth." He was probably 6-7. Wow! Kids are so smart. I love that part of it is Basic Information. Because we learned all of this before we came to earth! It's basic information we already know. We're just being reminded of it while we're here on earth. 

Another thing that I loved this week that someone said was that, "A scab becomes whole as you stop picking at it." Sometimes we pick at ourselves and our imperfections. Which keeps it as an imperfection, or a scab. But when we stop picking at it, it becomes whole. It heals. And it's through the atonement that our scabs are able to be healed. But the biggest part is to stop picking at it. 

Love ya lots! 
-Sister Sarlls 

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